A Few of Our Suppliers

Flintshire Farms

Flintshire Farms - Pheasants, Guinea Hens and Partridge

Flinton, Ontario

Flintshire Farms duplicates wild game flavour! It is the only HACCP recognized pheasant operation on the continent.

Free-ranging of pheasants is pivital to the company's success. Although more costly, free ranging allows pheasants to graze on the natural grains grown in a large, covered field. This dense cover consists of sunflower, sorghum, oats, barley, and canola. It provides not only shade in the summer but an excellent food source. Insects on this vegetation also provide food and give the pheasants a flavour not found in barn-raised birds - as close to a wild favour as commercially possible.

Norpac Beef

Norpac Beef

Norwhich, Ontario

For over 50 years, the name Norwich Packers has been synonymous with the production of high quality, Ontario beef. Their mission is to provide consistently tender and healthy beef products without the use of hormones or antibiotics.

Norpac Ranch Natural Beef is a program that enlists the help of small family run beef farms. Cattle must meet stringent guidlines. Age, source and breed must be verified before they can become Norpac certified.

All of Norpac's Natural cattle must be fed only the highest quality feed available. This feed must be antibiotic free, 100% vegetarian and properly balanced to ensure the animals receive all the nutrients they require. Once the cattle have met these requirements, Norpac then visually selects only the cream of the crop to fit into the Norpac Ranch Natural Beef program.

Perth Pork Products

Perth Pork Products

Sebringville, Ontario

Perth grows and sell specialty pork products from rare and heritage breed pigs.

Their Berkshire pigs are currently being raised in open fields on natural feed. The field-raised Berkshire produces rich, dark meat with fat marbling that gives it a full flavour. It is considered sweeter than commercially raised pork. The meat needs gentle handling and works well with slow cooking.

Second Wind Elk

Second Wind Elk

Rockwood, Ontario

Second Wind supplies Whitehouse Meats with elk venison. Their animals are naturally grown in open pastures year round. This ensures a natural stress free environment. They winter feed with quality alfalfa grown on their own farm without the use of pesticides. They do not use medicated feeds or growth promotents.

Second Wind's elk are pure Canadian elk. They do not hybridize with European Red Deer.